Synonym of The Day
Meaning high degree of heat, warm, fiery, thermal; friendly

  • The tea is too hot, let's wait a bit for drinking.
  • It's awfully hot in here.
  • We made some hot chocolate. 
  • The sea was very hot yesterday. We enjoyed it very much.
  • The weather is very hot. I wish it rained a little.
  • I refreshed myself with a hot bath.
warm, friendly, thermal, fervent, quick, blazing, fiery, feverish, ardent, febrile, torrid, angry, mad, furious, humid, sexy, sizzling, bitter, painful, sad, brackish, harsh, red, spicy, bitter, sorrowful, mourning, new, recent, novel, fresh, renewed, green, crisp, raw, excited, exciting, thrilling, hectic, agitated, spicy, seasoned, spicedracy, sensual, voluptuous, lustful, lascivious, salacious
Opposite of The Day
Meaning showing a modest, modest, unobtrusive, unassuming, unpretentious, small

  • My grandfather was a very modest and kind person.
  • One of the most used words in daily life is modest.
  • He said that if 3 modest people will be shown in this school, I am the first, not the third.
  • I wish people could be a little modest.
  • All teachers in our school are very modest.
cross, fierce, fiery, fuming, galled, hateful, hot, huffy, heated, irritable, annoyed, bitter, enraged, impassioned, indignant, mad, furious, affronted, antagonized, chafed, incensed, exasperated, convulsed, irritated, offended, outraged, resentful, sullen, uptight, ferocious