Synonym of The Day
Meaning showing a great lack of intelligence, foolish, dumb, silly, daft, goofy, idiotic, crazy

  • He's acting very stupid. Someone should say stop to this.
  • They're not stupid.
  • I hope this does not sound stupid.
  • I never left him to avoid stupid work.
  • Alex is acting so stupid these days.
foolish, dumb, silly, daft, goofy, futile, stupidly, idiotic, senseless, jerky, dopey, crazy, gullible, absurd, nonsensical, trivial, giddy, dizzy, dozy, laughable, brainless, dimwitted, rattlebrained, rattleheaded, addle-eaded, headless, harebrained, soft, witless
Opposite of The Day
Meaning chosen without method or conscious decision, haphazard, promiscuous, indiscriminate, stray, wild

  • Some apps focused on grammar. In those apps, your phone shows you random grammar rules like water reminder apps.
  • Like water drink reminders, the app will remind you of random important words.
  • Out of the blue; means that randomly, without warning, immediately.

constant, , stationary, fixed, stable, steady, flat, nonrandom, clear, predictable, certain, well, defined, calculable, distinct, distinctive, explicit, precise, predetermined, strict, sure, unambiguous