Do you want to know the meaning of however and example sentences?

Meaning However, it does not connect the two sentences grammatically, that is, the first sentence ends, a dot is put at the end of the sentence and then “however” is written at the beginning of the second sentence. However, it is used in the same way in nevertheless.

  • Some people disagree with this theory, however, it’s never been proven right.
  • He is the best student in school. However, he doesn’t do homeworks on time.
  • I really enjoyed that movie.  However, I prefer the book.
  • He was feeling very ill. However, he went to work.
  • She loves to play football, however her troubles do not allow it.
  • I am very hungry, however the fridge is empty.
  • Mary is a very pretty girl, however she needs to do some more maintenance.

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