Do you want to know the meaning of small and example sentences?

Meaning of a size that is less than normal, little, petty, few

  • It is the art of telling the idea that is meant to be explained by making it larger or smaller.
  • It is a small object and generally contains two or one drawers.
  • The kennel is the name given to the small ashes that dogs have in a garden house.
  • The word peep defines small, weak sounds of young birds.
  • These are very small fruits. We need to get bigger ones.
  • We are a family of 6 people, so this house will be too small for us.
  • My father was born in a small town in Spain.
  • Last summer, we camped in a very small tent for a month.
  • My father's car is even smaller than my car.
  • We can classify the problems as large, medium and small.

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